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R&D Engineering Products moulds

Our team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians is supporting the customer’s requirements and offers the customized solutions for new development or reverse engineering with additional modifications. Our ability of laser scanning with optional touch probe with transferring to a 3D model design offers the option to produce an identical part as the original for refurbishments and servicing companies or can help for a complete new developed components and attachments on already existing vehicles, boats, machines etc. We are able to design and manage the production of prototypes or small initial series, prepare and optimize the technology and needed tooling with fixtures and jigs for big quantity serial production.


Latest services – Laser scanning for documentation and reverse engineering

Our new service we can offer to our customers is latest technology of laser scanning with laser head or optional with a touch probe for reverse engineering. The workspace area 50”Sphere, Accuracy (100 point ANSI sphere) -0.015”

The point clouds data will be after reworked and created 3D model with technical documentation.